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Learn the Pillars to Transform Anxiety to Speak and Lead from the Heart | taught by Therese Ayla Kravetz, M.Ed.

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WELCOME to my course launching February 14 and going live May 29th.

Your life can be exponential when you do what you love and share your talents. Shyness, playing small, anxiety, or doubt can get in the way.

I'm excited to help you share more of your creativity, voice, talents.

This course is especially for you if:

  • you want to speak with more resonance, clarity and confidence
  • want to bring more creativity in your job and life in order to stand out
  • anxiety is holding you back from expressing your true voice and talents in the world


I spent most of my adult life struggling with anxiety, panic attacks and a shy timid voice. When I tried to speak in public my heartbeat raced, my palms sweat, and sometimes I went into panic. And yet I longed to express myself creatively in speaking and writing.

I longed to stand out in my work, yet I held back.

Over twenty years of acting, teaching and studying how to be free creatively, I learned the tools to speak and write. I discovered how to free my voice of tension as an actor and a voice coach and used these techniques as a college professor.

I learned ways to bypass the fight or flight response so that I could take creative risks in teaching and acting.

I broke through barriers which were making it difficult to write and wrote my award winning book, Why Zarmina Sings: 18 Tools to Live and Learn beyond Anxiety.


Did you know that most people suffer from not expressing their full authentic voice and creativity and yet that is how they find their niche, more customers, and feel more relaxed? The public is tired of pretending and marketing gimics.

The solution to better business, better teaching, better relationships is to tune into the authentic voice, your unique talents, and share with the world.

In this 7-week course, I'll teach and coach you to:

  • speak with confidence and resonance
  • use acting tools to rewire the stress response
  • learn to give talks in public in a natural, authentic way


  • Your voice will transform using these vocal release techniques (especially if you are new to this voice release work).
  • You will be able to connect to others and to your own sound more through speaking
  • You will be more relaxed speaking and performing in public
  • You will learn methods to transform your anxiety in order to create and learn more
  • You will increase confidence and creativity by tapping into true wisdom--the heart, instead of the mind.

In this course you will have several hours of video instruction, worksheets to go along with all 4 Pillars to Transform Anxiety, group coaching calls, expert interviews on the subjects of Voice, Movement, Acting and more. I will be designing a specific voice release program that will work for your issues throughout the course.

By the end of the 7-week course, you will have set up a talk/performance/meeting where you will apply the tools you have learned. Optional: You will "perform" on your set speeches from your own writing or from my collection live on the last group coaching call.

I look forward to working with you. See below for details on curriculum, bonuses and more.

LAUNCH DATE: February 14, 2017


When does the course get started? The launch is February 14 where people can sign up for the course at the discounted price at $447.00. The course will go live May 29th. Materials will be "dripped" weekly so on May 29th, students will be able to get Week One of course.

Are the materials downloadable? All materials will be available on the course for the lifetime of the course.

What is your refund policy? Course is 100% refundable course for 10 days after the start of the course.

How did you do your research for this course? The research for the course comes from 10 years of acting and voice work in New York, Boston and D.C. as well as over 13 years as a full time professor at community college. I did five years of research to write my book, "Why Zarmina Sings" which looks at the neuroscience as well as the techniques to bypass anxiety and accelerate learning and creativity.

Why are you teaching this course? What are your qualifications? I lived with high anxiety most of my adult life which prevented me from taking more creative risks and feeling satisfied in my job as a teacher. I had to learn non-traditional techniques to stand up in front of groups and use my creative gifts. I researched for five years on the neuroscience which supports the lessons in this course. I am teaching this course to share what I have learned with people who want to bypass their own anxiety and the fight or flight response in order to speak, lead, and teach with more creativity.

My issue is that I cannot raise my hand or speak up at a meeting? What can I expect to get this course?

You will get the tools to bypass some of this fight or flight response which can prevent someone from speaking up. You will practice ways to decrease cortisol or stress response in order to perform with more confidence. You will also learn the vocal release tools that I learned to speak with resonance to capture the interest of the audience. All of these lessons will be taught in a supportive and accountable manner. You will chart your progress by setting measurable goals in the beginning of the course.

How can this help me in school? If you are anxious in school or at work, you will learn tools to bypass stress in order to remember more easily. Communication will improve as you learn to "listen" to your own voice and others.

"I organized a workshop for my school's EFL teachers with Therese on the subject of 'Anxiety in EFL classes'. Her personal experience and extensive knowledge on the subject was very impressive and had a profound impact on the way our teachers dealt with learners' anxiety in the class." - Teacher, Education Manager

"I hired Ms. Aylward-Kravetz after she received one of the most prestigious awards that can beset upon a professor at Northern Virgnia Community College, The Presidents Sabbatical Award. Through her research, Ms. Kravetz has germinated and grown the construct of utilizing dramatic techniques to keep students engaged in the classroom setting.

"The fact that Ms. Kravetz worked very closely with me to deliver perfect, customized content, (using drama/personality to help students learn Math) was an unusual deviation from the services that other consultants tend to deliver. I was pleased that I did not feel like I was getting the same 'dog and pony show' training that someone else would have gotten. Finally Ms. Kravetz was spectacular at utilizing technology and resources to assist in the delivery her instruction and consulting services.

"I would work with her again specifically because she made sure that she was listening to me about the problems that I was trying to solve and delivered programming that boosted my confidence in instruction and helped my faculty engage their students." L. N., Coordinator, Northern Virginia Community College

"The strategies she discussed for helping manage anxiety of students as well as the instructor's anxiety will be very beneficial. I also purchased her book and have begun reading it already!” ~ Faculty member, Florida SouthWestern State College"

"This was a really interesting workshop! I'm going to try these techniques especially on test days in my class.” ~ Student, Florida

Marcus Santer - Qigong (Chi-Kung) Expert/Master. His 21-day Qigong Primer Course for course participants

Marcus' Home Study Course - 22 Week course for those who want to go deep into Qigong

Marcus' blog: 878 free blog posts covering everything Qigong

Phone interview recordings and/or transcripts from experts in the field of voice, acting and neuroscience of memory;

Tony Noice, PhD: Professor and Actor researching the neuroscience behind the benefits of acting.

Catherine Fitzmaurice: International Voice Coach and founder of Fitmaurice Vocalwork

Therese Ayla Kravetz, M.Ed.
Therese Ayla Kravetz, M.Ed.

Hi! I've been a college English instructor for 16 years, an actor for eight, and a voice coach for most of those years. I have a Master's degree in Education and have been helping adults speak and write English for 20 years.

Also, I suffered from high anxiety when I spoke in public but had to speak in public for my career as a professor. I learned skills and science behind anxiety which I will also share in this course to accelerate learning. As a result of my own work, I was able to speak and teach from the heart with greater vocal resonance. This led to professional success and satisfaction.

It is my pleasure and passion to share these skills and tools with you now and to provide that support to achieve your goals.

Course Curriculum